Project & Resource Management

Project and Resource Management

Project & Resource Management

Use the Project & Resource Management module to manage your projects from start to finish, centralizing all project related transactions, documents, resources, and activities. The feature helps you to monitor the progress of tasks, stages, subprojects, analyze budget costs, and generate reports on various aspects of the project, such as stage analysis, open issues, and resources.

The Resources module together with the existing production functionality provides a base platform for managing light manufacturing processes in SAP Business One. A resource is defined as a commodity, machine, labor, or other asset used to produce goods and services. As opposed to items, resources have capacity available throughout a period of time which can be consumed in a production process. Resources (resource capacity) can therefore be assigned to production orders. Resource capacity is always viewed within a period of time called “capacity period”. Consumption of resources in a production process contributes to the overall production costs and can be split into underlying cost elements for further accounting purposes.

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