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SAP Business One for Food & Beverages Industry

The worldwide food and beverage sector has thrived in recent years, attracting an increasing number of customers. This business is increasing global demand, resulting in a fast rise in food costs. This industry’s major difficulties are growing demand for diversity and innovation, poor profit margins, product traceability, and quality government control. SAP Business One for Food and Beverages aids with all elements of the industry’s manufacturing and distribution. This ERP software analyses the current particular needs of the food sector and delivers industry-specific solutions.

Features of SAP Business One for Food & Beverages Industry

Recipe Management and Formulation
Production Scheduling
Inventory and Warehouse Management
Batch control and traceability
Quality Control
Material Requirement Planning
Product Costing
Complaints and Service Management
Import and Export Management

How SAP Business One Can Assist Your Food and Beverage Company:

Benefits of SAP Solution for Food Industry:

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