Digitize Your Business with SAP Customer Checkout

Simplify your point-of-sale processes. Gain real-time and in-depth insights. Run
your business productively and efficiently with SAP Customer Checkout.

Take advantage of rich POS functionalities that can be used for different business scenarios.
Manage POS operations centrally for multiple locations and gain real-time insights into sales and financial data.
Save time and prevent manual errors through a seamless end-to-end integration to your ERP system.
Gain insights on customer purchase history and offer personalized sales.
Benefit from the flexibility to extend and scale the solution anytime combined with a modern user interface

Capabilities and Key Features of SAP Customer Checkout

Point-of-Sale: From sales, returns, to discounts – SAP Customer Checkout supports all common processes that are needed at point-of-sale.

Central Point-of-Sale Management: Manage your POS systems in different shops around the globe centrally.

End-to-End Integration: Fully integration of your POS systems to your backend ERP system.

Loyalty and Omnichannel: Manage customer loyalty programs, and reward loyal customers.

SAP Customer Checkout

Rich POS Functionalities

A powerful and intelligent point-of-sale solution that covers all common point-of-sale requirements needed in retail, merchandise, catering, and sports and entertainment businesses.

SAP Customer Checkout
SAP Customer Checkout

Capabilities and Key Features

Seamless End-to-End Integration

Benefit from the integration flexibility of SAP Customer Checkout and choose the SAP ERP system that fits to your needs:

Integration Options

Use SAP Customer Checkout as Standalone without SAP ERP system and manage all master data centrally.

Use integrated with SAP ERP Systems to transmit transactions directly to your warehouse management and accounting applications.

Multiple Payment Methods

Choose Payment Options which Fit to Your Business

From Cash, Credit Cards, Payment on Invoice, with Gift Card, or even with Loyalty Points and Mobile Phone – SAP Customer Checkout supports multiple payment options.

Benefit from its payment flexibility while integrating Payment Terminals, make Partial and Mixed Payments, and also pay in Multi-Currency when foreign customers visit your store.

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