SAP Solution
for Chemical Industry

SAP Business One for Chemical Industry can help you improve your manufacturing, supply chain, and control

Today, the chemical sector is undergoing massive transformations all around the world. Tools and systems that streamline and automate the entire process from manufacture to development are required to run a chemical company successfully. SAP Business One for Chemical Industry is a fully integrated business solution for industries that deal with chemicals or liquids. Companies that make inks and dyes, paints and pigments, adhesives, resins, fluids, and lubricants, among other things. SAP Business One is an ERP solution that improves the business processes of the chemicals sectors by addressing specific difficulties.

SAP Business One Solution covers the following business functions for chemical companies

Manufacturing and Quality Control

Materials Requirements Planning

product distribution

Inventory Management

Production Budgeting

Yield and Scrap Management


Batch Scheduling

Production Formulas

Financing and Budgeting

Pick and Pack

How SAP Business One can assist your chemicals companies:

  • A single, integrated system provides users with immediate access to the current customer balance, inventory reports, and sales histories.

  • All orders and financial data are gathered and updated in real-time, allowing management to assess sales performance and compute cost and profit margins for each product on a real-time basis.

  • This technology aids in the automation and streamlining of all business activities while also enhancing visibility within the organization.

  • You can lower expenses and enhance sales of your manufacturing operations by implementing this solution.

  • Traceability, lot requisites, and engendered reporting provide you with the control and predictability you need to catch exceptions early and consistently engender the highest-quality products.

  • By implementing the SAP Solution for Chemical Industry, companies can properly manage undesirable supplies and slow-moving items according to priority and demand.

  • It's a completely integrated system that lets you plan the correct products at the right time based on market demand.

  • The system includes accounting software that aids in the management of purchasing and sales contracts as well as obtaining the best prices from suppliers.

SAP Implementation Benefits for the Chemicals Industry

Organizations can dramatically improve overall business process automation while lowering their cost of production for activities like accounts receivable.

Manufacturing statistics reporting, specification management, and production process control are all efficient.

Management has amended insights into the current business system now that essential business information is readily available.


On-time order fulfillment enhances customer satisfaction


Product quality is ensured via lot criteria and traceability.


Improve inventory management with better resource management.


Transparency is provided by simple and quick reporting and dashboards.


Regulatory compliance, industry standards, and quality.

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