SAP Solution
for Industrial Machinery

Best Practices with SAP Solution for Machinery can Help Your Company Run More Effectively

Every year, the mechanical engineering industry expands all around the world. In the equipment and components industry, service providers must adhere to a number of industry-specific standards. Mechanical components must be able to handle strain and pressure vessels in order to meet safety standards. Companies must also be able to manufacture high-quality products that fulfill the needs of their own customers on a consistent and efficient basis. SAP Solution for Machinery, a customizable manufacturing management system, may help businesses save money on production and supply chain management.

Features for the Machinery & Components Industry:

Warehouse Management

Costing and Quality Management

Accounting and Financials

Batch Production

Bill of Materials Management


Sales and Distribution

Yield and Scrap Management

Production Planning

Bin Location Management

How SAP Business One Can Assist Your Business:

  • Improved machine and human utilization make it easier to manage raw materials, resources, and finished goods in less time and with greater efficiency.

  • Manufacturers can respond to changes in market demand and start on projects faster and more effectively as this solution reduces the planning time and improves communication procedures.

  • This solution provides formulaic and secure delivery times, thereby allowing the manufacturers to calculate the order margins accurately.

  • The advanced quality controls let manufacturers quickly adjust to changes in orders and ensure customer satisfaction.​

  • SAP B1 for Manufacturing solves the problems caused due to pending or held stocks and pending work.​

SAP Business One for Machinery has a number of advantages

Supports light manufacturing, ETO, MTO, process, batch, assembly and mixed-mode manufacturing types.

Streamlines the entire manufacturing process from production to purchasing, increasing efficiency.

Improves management by streamlining production and planning.

Reduces inventory holding expenses and eliminates out-of-stock situations.​


Inventory and stock movements are tracked in real-time.


A higher rate of consumer satisfaction​


Gains higher machine and labor utilization rates​.


Real-time reports help in quicker and better decision-making.

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