Spine Assets

Financial Prosperity Is Now Possible With Spine Assets

Spine Assets

Spine Web Asset Software aids organizations in tracking their assets, whether they are property, plants, or other assets, as well as the transactions involving those assets, asset accounting, and data sourcing from various records and databases. The automation tools in the Spine Assets module take into account many key accounting operations. Accounting operations are simplified with this programmed, and multiple depreciation techniques for asset categories may be applied automatically. As a result, SPINE ASSETS is a full Asset Lifecycle Management solution.

You will be able to monitor and track the fixed assets of your company, you can also get the details on the asset like its condition, insurance aspects, and maintenance.

Key Features of Spine Assets

Asset Assignment

Assign assets to custodians, employees, locations, branches , projects, departments and cost-centers to enforce accountability.

Service Contract Tracking

Be prepared when service contract reaches to its end dates for timely renewals with due reminders.

Ticketing & Helpdesk

The help desk guarantees timely assistance & prompt resolution of issues by defining and publishing their assured service levels.

Full Lifecycle History

Storing detailed asset information and financial history provides organizations with valuable data to enable business decision making.

Compliance Tracking

Integrated regulatory compliance that establishes a single source of data for finance with the use of history to reinforce established guidelines.

Insurance Policies Tracking

Could be reduced if the asset register is always kept up to date and it is easier to make a claim if you can provide proof.

Document Attachment

Attach photos, manuals, invoice, purchase information, warranty or service cards to each equipment leads to faster troubleshooting.

Lease Contract Management

Full leasing details including lease codes, accrual dates, descriptions and related asset codes can be added, viewed, or maintained easily.

Repair & Maintenance Tracking

Manage repair requests to get equipment back & running to reduce downtime. Extend the life of the equipment by keeping it under warranty.

Assets Auditing

Gain better control of your fixed assets with accurate financial records to meet and surpass audit regulations.

Software License Management

Control and document the process of software license management to reduce license fees and curb illegal usage & problems associated.

Check-Out & Returns

Roaming of assets can be tracked by updating the asset register with details on when and whom each time an asset is issued and returned.

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