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Add Value to Your Business with Everlasting Customer Relationships

For every company choosing an ERP or specific CRM software, sales process automation is always a core part. With this in mind, we release the CRM mobile application for iOS and Android. 

The SAP Business One ERP Application is coupled with the CRM App thus enabling you to manage your customer-related tasks successfully from any location, at any time.

With a CRM, businesses can increase revenue, process effectiveness, and customer retention. A customer's interaction journey with your company can be tracked and followed by your sales and marketing teams. This can improve the customer journey and experience by refining each client touchpoint.

A CRM system gives everyone a better way to manage the external contacts and relationships essential to success, whether they work in sales, customer service, business development, recruiting, marketing, or any other department of the company. You can make data about every customer interaction accessible to anyone at your company who might need it.

Featured Services on our CRM App

The countless spreadsheets, databases, and apps that several companies slap together to track customer information are replaced with our tailored CRM mobile application. All your teams will work together harmoniously to increase productivity and achieve success thanks to an appealing home page layout containing every necessary functionality.

Lead Management

Find the leads with detailed contact information, automate the process, and capture them. Attract and pursue the right leads, Reliable Sales Forecasting and Centralized Repository of Sales Activities.

Deal Management

Opportunity management illustrates the clients' behavior chronology and breaks down the many phases of a specific deal to help you determine what to do next. Better Pipeline Management, Better Account, and Opportunity Management.

Reports and Dashboard

CRM maintains precise sales forecast information that you can personalize. To view fields, groupings, filters, and charts in real-time, just click and drag the objects you want.

Data Management

The account, contact, and lead data that continues to power your most important sales and marketing operations is automatically updated and enhanced within SAP.

Contact Management

By granting access to client information and a record of previous interactions with customers, CRM ensures effective and simple contact management. CRM services come with a customer and prospect database that contains contact information, a record of communications, and notes on previous interactions.

Workflow Automation

With an intuitive point-and-click interface for business process automation, you can automate all of your manual operations. Businesses may execute manual tasks and processes through a centralized system with less human involvement thanks to CRM workflow automation.

Expense Management

Users can enter daily marketing costs with bill attachments and an amount. You can include travel charges as well. Also, users can check their book balance and balance in hand, as well as whether the head office has accepted or rejected the expenses they have submitted.

Post Sales

This is an assessment of goods or services. Here, open and upcoming service requests are displayed. Users can edit the service call and view full information. They can also include a solution or activity for a service call.

Additional Features

Team Location, Route Management, Orders & Quotations, Business Partners

Why CRM is important?

CRM software development is becoming increasingly important as the best and fastest-growing enterprise application software category. If you want your operations to last, you need a future strategy focused on your consumers and powered by the appropriate technology.

A CRM system can help you develop a thorough understanding of your clients. Everything is available on a single dashboard that is simple and configurable as it provides information about a client's past interactions with you, the progress of their orders, any unresolved customer support issues, and more. Even their public social media activity can provide information about their preferences and remarks about you or your rivals.

Marketers may utilize a CRM solution to manage and optimize campaigns and lead journeys with a data-driven strategy and better understand the pipeline of sales or prospects coming in, making forecasting more simple and precise.  Every opportunity or lead will be crystal clear, presenting you with a direct path from inquiries to sales.

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Moving beyond CRM as just a sales and marketing tool and integrating it throughout your firm, from finance to customer services and supply chain management, may lead to some significant benefits in efficiency and in making an entire company customer-centric. This makes it easier to guarantee that client needs come first in business operations and innovation cycles.

CRM may help your company become future-proof and prepared for the connected consumer age and facilitate a consistently high-quality experience throughout the customer journey.

CRM for all the Leading Industries

Our CRM app of SAP Business One give your company complete control over client acquisition, retention, loyalty, and profitability. End-to-end visibility for the whole life cycle is provided through comprehensive and integrated business functions across marketing, sales, purchase, and service.





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