SAP Business One Implementation

Osswal Infosystem incorporates SAP Business One Implementation with strategic business objectives to manage business operations and optimize the value of substantial SAP investments.

ASAP Implementation Methodology for SAP

Defining an implementation strategy across the organization that involves multiple systems and processes is an enormous task. By minimizing errors, redundancies, and data loss when implementing SAP, a team of developers may assist businesses in creating an effective working environment for all users.

With its data-driven solutions, SAP has the potential to change global organizations, but its implementation requires careful planning, expertise, and skills.

Osswal Infosystem - SAP B1 is one of India's top SAP implementation partners, according to Gartner. Our implementation team has achieved competence in numerous SAP B1 implementation projects and is acquainted with top-notch ERP solutions tied to SAP Business One.

What Justifies the Value of SAP Implementation Services?

The use of business technologies and digitization have boosted competitiveness in many overseas businesses. Organizations must continuously change and adapt to shifting expectations and protocols to survive in this new environment.

Organizations, and their business functions, are expanding every day. For an organization to maintain its ability to manage the logistics and technical aspects of business operations and data management, SAP installation is essential.

SAP installation services provide enterprises with the assistance needed to deploy ERP SAP solutions that enable their business to grow successfully. Business management software is no longer sufficient to safeguard, archive, process, and apply vital business data. According to research, 80% of data professionals concur that companies undergoing a rapid digital transformation must utilize solid solutions to safeguard their assets from data breaches whilst migrating.

Our Implementation Services

An SAP implementation is a significant, multi-month (or year) effort. The successful execution of an SAP deployment and optimum utilization of SAP's functionality after go-live depend on organizations embracing the right strategy.


Once the business blueprints are in place, baseline configuration—which involves setting up the SAP implementation rules based on the outcomes of the blueprints and the company’s objectives—is carried out. In this stage of the SAP implementation process, the functional consultants handle the processing and configuration tasks. Several testing methods are carried out for the efficient operation of the firm after configuration. These elements are used by the implementation team to create, evaluate, and specify the SAP landscape.

Business Blueprint​

The SAP’s core modules and any necessary mapping of the business processes that must coexist throughout deployment are both included in a business blueprint. After the project has been prepared, the resources are distributed in compliance with the guidelines and specifications for the new system. The interface and process mappings, as well as the integration technicalities, are now established. As a result, a framework is created, and the current data analysis should be offered so that everyone involved may be on the same page from beginning to end regarding where the company is starting from where they will be once the SAP deployment is fully completed.

Project Preparation

The first phase is to create an efficient roadmap based on the business’s needs and functionality. Planning functions are carried out according to the numerous aspects and specifics of the business requirements. This stage establishes the foundation for an effective SAP deployment and calls for strategic choices regarding many issues, including:

  • Setting project objectives and goals
  • Defining the scope of implementation
  • Planning the project’s  sequencing, budget, and implementation schedule

Final Preparation

The SAP implementation process is finalized after the realization has been completed successfully. This includes testing, training, system management, and final cutovers to address concerns. Therefore, it’s essential to guarantee that all business requirements are met at this point in the SAP deployment process.

  •  The master data has been transferred to the new system. The client then begins utilizing the SAP system. People working at the client’s end receive end-user training.
For maximum performance, routine maintenance must be performed during this stage of the SAP implementation process.

Go Live and Support

Going live with the new system and utilizing this freshly installed SAP system for business activities is the last phase in the SAP implementation process. Additionally, it is guaranteed that the system is functioning effectively. Here, different services and support solutions are offered to repair damages and promote efficient operation.

Why Osswal as a Partner for SAP Implementation

The service provider you've chosen to partner with will directly affect how well your SAP setup goes. Organizations must assess their options based on industry experience, SAP S/4 HANA experience, and SAP integration and implementation-specific competencies.

Understand the Strength

Last but not least, before getting an SAP implementation service provider, please perform your research and comprehend the unique advantages they have to offer. Organizations must ensure that the SAP service provider has sufficient knowledge of their industry and the competence to achieve the objectives.


Implementation demands technical and functional understanding due to its complexity. You can trust that a service provider who has earned an SAP certification has adhered to the stringent standards established by SAP’s Center of Enterprise and is knowledgeable about the skills required by your company to conduct end-to-end SAP implementation.

Flexibility and Support

You should look for a dependable SAP partner who can handle your industry-specific requirements and is flexible enough to work with your schedule. They ought to be able to offer you a reliable and helpful team of professionals who can adapt their services to your company’s particular requirements and ROI objectives.

When implementing SAP B1 ERP, you must take into account various additional costs, such as

  • The SAP B1 ERP software license charge.
  • Annual maintenance charge.
  • Costs related to operations, such as infrastructure needed for efficient ERP.
  • Low-cost support and customization services.
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