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SAP Business One for Pharma is a flexible and comprehensive ERP solution designed for pharmaceutical companies to streamline operations, ensure compliance, and enable growth.

Meet the Pharmaceutical Industry's Fundamental Needs with a Single Scalable ERP Solution

Together with healthcare providers and the life sciences market, we are transforming healthcare to move from patient treatment to population wellness, both inside and increasingly outside of hospital or lab settings. Our broad expertise and industry knowledge, along with the cutting-edge technology offered by our partner ecosystem, enable our clients to accelerate the growth in healthcare and life sciences.

Dedication to Superior Clinical, Operational, and Financial Outcomes.

The worldwide pharmaceutical industry has advanced significantly in recent years and is now one of the primary areas of the healthcare economy. Operational effectiveness, employee productivity, and the capacity to quickly respond to the market need all improve with SAP Business One for Pharma & Healthcare Industry. Manufacturing, financial, and customer relationship management functions are all integrated via SAP Business One.

SAP Business One Functions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

The ideal choice SAP for pharmaceutical companies is SAP B1. Everything from milling to granulation to coating to tablet pressing may be monitored with the help of the software.

Merits of SAP Business One for the Healthcare & Pharma Industry

Barriers to Eliminate in the Pharmaceutical Industry

ERP is becoming more and more crucial for the pharmaceutical business. Despite the industry's excellent growth trajectory and rapid digital transformation, few barriers exist. These impede every part of their organization, including the supply chain, data security, operations, and resources, and restrict their ability to grow fully.

o Determining the product's cost per unit.
o Tracking FEFO-based substance consumption and expiry alerts.
o Maintaining BMR/BPR management and ensuring GMP compliance.
o Keeping track of material waste, expiration, etc.
o Maintaining the sampling procedure, costing, formulation, production, and quality standards.

An extensive set of capabilities are available through ERP systems to manage operations more effectively. It is intended to be flexible and adaptable, enabling pharmaceutical companies to customize them to meet their unique demands. This assists them in meeting their needs to manage massive amounts of data and intricate procedures.

Modern Business Strategies to Improve Pharmaceutical Practices

With industry-proven ERP, CRM, Analytics, and Cloud options for Pharma Enterprises that are prepared for the future, Osswal enables a full range of services for Pharma businesses to deliver improved decision-making speed and high-quality care while lowering operational costs. I.Keep up with the times with our ERP Solutions Our ERP systems are built to improve productivity and overall business performance. These solutions support company recovery, logical demand estimation, and responsible financial management.

  • Control formulation and Ensure that regulations are followed.
  • Assist with support and inventory management.
  • Guidance with a clinical trial, commercialization, and sample management.
  • Permit manufacturing according to GMCB regulations.

II. Utilize analytics to diversify your company Our analytics products are made to address the most urgent data problems. With the backing of these technologies, you can obtain timelier healthcare and medical data, evaluate big data sets, and derive insightful conclusions.

  • Hasten the development and discovery of new drugs.
  • Improve the efficacy of clinical research.
  • Choose a specific patient demographic to target.
  • Recognize the actions of the patients and their behavior.
  • Boost pharmaceutical distribution and medical results.

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