SAP Business One Customization

Deliver business requirements and modifications to your ERP system more quickly based on actual codes and usage, not estimates. Osswal Infosystem provides a truly designed and maintained ERP System tailored to your company’s needs.

SAP B1 Software Development Kit (SDK)

High-end, industry-specific modifications made to interface with SAP Business One flawlessly!

SAP Business One customization kit delivers a comprehensive range of tools for software developers and could modify a software application to match your specific demands. SDK provides a fully featured collection of business objects that enable batch- or real-time-mode interaction between SAP Business One and your external applications.

With access to hundreds of master records and transactional objects, SDK makes it easier to interface with a unique web portal, integrate old data, or create apps using web services.

Support – total project lifecycle support, from conception to execution to improvements.

Performance Analysis – The best measurement, reporting, and application development options for ROI evaluation.

Integrate – Web functionality and customized applications using SAP Business One.

Training sessions designed specifically for the business's requirements.

Why SAP Customization is Necessary

Even if it seems ideal, SAP Best Practices might not be able to accommodate all of an enterprise's business needs. Each organization has its business practices.

Most individuals would advise you to adopt standard settings when using enterprise software and refrain from customization. This might make the project less complicated and reduce the cost of implementation. However, even if this method works well early on, it may not be the ideal answer. And, as your company expands and your client's needs change, personalization becomes unavoidable.

Company Objective-Aligned

You may need to consider the development of enterprise asset management if your goal is to maximize asset utilization. However, if you own a creative agency business and want to inspire your staff to come up with additional ideas, it could be wiser to concentrate on tailoring the Human Capital Management module.

Verify that the solution you’re designing will meet your company’s needs in the long run, promote business growth, and bring value to your enterprise.


By streamlining the input screen and using a barcode scanner, you can reduce the time it takes to enter data by 70%. As you press the start or end button, the production time will be automatically calculated. With customization, the time required can be decreased, staff productivity will rise, and the likelihood of error or data-entry blunders will be reduced.

The development or customization of your SAP system might not be worthwhile if you lack insight into the additional value it provides to your company.

Business Transformation

If you are a retail-based company, then you will have the justification to develop your warehouse management module. By customizing SAP to fit the unique needs of the business, organizations can streamline their processes, improve visibility into their operations, and better align their technology with their strategic objectives.

While SAP customization can be a powerful tool for supporting business transformation, it should be approached with careful planning and execution to ensure that it delivers the desired results.

Development Approaches for Customization

Our extensive expertise in modifying SAP software enables your company to completely adapt and create unique solutions based on SAP applications to meet your needs. With our unique SAP Business One solution, we assist you in achieving agility, security, and resilience. As a strategic SAP partner, we provide custom ERP solutions optimal for your needs.

form. You are reusing data or functionality from the conventional SAP system to build a new one.

Custom Development

Custom development encompasses the creation of a new report, interface, conversion, or form. You are reusing data or functionality from the conventional SAP system to build a new one.


Every user needs a license to utilize SAP The conventional SAP system is modified or enhanced using the available User Exits, Customer Exits, or BADI (Business Add-In). The fundamental SAP source code is unaffected by enhancements, and upgrades to the SAP package do not affect them.


Customized add-ons that give the speed, business value, and impacts you want will help you keep up with the market's expanding needs.

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