Transform all of your vital enterprise functions, notably finance, and supply chain management, and use SAP S/4Hana Cloud ERPto make decisions in real-time.

Affordable Automation with SAP S/4 HANA Public Cloud

A comprehensive, compliant cloud ERP software solution powered by AI and Analytics.

Operate mission-critical maneuvers in real-time from anywhere with SAP S/4Hana Cloud ERP. Launch innovative business models in your sector, and expand worldwide with a trusted partner.

Osswal Infosystem has the industry expertise and functional know-how to assist organizations in leveraging the SAP S/4Hana Cloud ERP to better their technology-based operations and realize the transformative growth potential of cloud migration. We offer business-specific solutions to interface your company's operations with standard operating procedures.

Organizations can accomplish seamless integration, professional deployment, remarkable performance, and significant cost savings with the services of Osswal Infosystem. The best part is that Cloud ERP is inexpensive and significantly boosts return on investment.

Novel Business Models

Create innovative business concepts to drive revenues in your market. Our cloud ERP software empowers you to be an innovator, visionary, and disruptor.

Alter Business Actions

Automated business processes enable you to become more efficient while staying adaptable and prepared for the future.


Pledge to Sustainability

Implement enterprise-wide transparency and controls to ensure sustainability. Integrate longevity into your core company functions with our cloud-based ERP software.

SAP S/4 HANA Powering Businesses to Lead in Smart World

Swiftness, comprehension, and the ability to act are necessary for founding and maintaining a thriving enterprise. Your company requires intelligent approaches to offer value-driven services and higher standards of client satisfaction in the rapidly evolving digital environment.

Future ERP offers adequate resources for businesses processing hundreds of millions of transactions promptly to speed up operations and scale!

SAP S4 HANA public cloud

Run with industry best practices
by employing pre-configured, ready-to-use processes.

Build your breakthroughs
by dynamically redefining work and transforming business structures.

Grow without limits
by increasing the markets, consumers, and commodities without increasing complexity.

Go live with confidence
delivering speed and agility by utilizing tried-and-true guidance.

SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud ERP Modules

SAP S/4HANA to Take On Evolving Business Demands

SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud Features and Benefits

Organizations can benefit from a cloud-based infrastructure's scalability, dependability, and security without spending money on and maintaining hardware and software. As a result, enterprises can concentrate on their core business operations and let SAP manage the underlying infrastructure.

Our SAP Business One ERP solutions are ideal for small and mid-size companies that do not want a complex system but require more than just a simple accounting solution.

Real-time Analytics

The solution employs in-memory technology to provide real-time analysis and reporting of business data. This permits businesses to make better decisions based on current information and respond swiftly to changing market conditions and client requests.

Advanced Modeling

Advanced modeling elements in SAP SAP S/4Hana Cloud ERP enable companies to simulate and improve business processes before deploying them.


The solution can be connected with other systems, such as CRM, supply chain management, and e-commerce platforms, to provide a comprehensive perspective of business activities.


Tight security mechanisms are built into SAP S/4Hana Cloud ERP to safeguard sensitive corporate data. It guarantees conformity to relevant laws.

Simplified User Interface

This public cloud service includes a cutting-edge, user-friendly design that makes it simpler for users to explore and complete operations. This can enhance the user experience and boost productivity.

Cost Savings

Because it is a subscription-based service, businesses only pay for what they use. This can be less expensive than purchasing and maintaining on-premises software and equipment.


To adapt to the shifting needs of the business, the system can be scaled up or down quickly. This enables companies to change their consumption as necessary without paying extra money.


Given that it is a cloud-based service, anyone with access to the internet can use it. This can help firms become more flexible and agile in their operations, allowing them to better respond to changing business needs.

Why Osswal Infosystem for SAP Business One?

Osswal Infosystem Pvt. Ltd. is a rapidly expanding IT management consulting company that uses the value and promise of technology to address the business difficulties of its clients.

  • Highly experienced in product execution
  • In-depth understanding of business processes
  • Extensive knowledge of add-on applications
  • Acknowledgments from SAP as the best service partner

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