SAP Business One on hana

SAP Business One on HANA as an in-memory database platform which uses innovative techniques to store Customer’s data that is particularly suited for handling very large amounts of relational, data with unprecedented performance.

SAP Business One on HANA

SAP Business One is one of the most popular ERP systems targeted towards SMEs. Conventionally SAP Business One is mainly used in Windows Environment with Microsoft SQL Server at its core RDBMS. SMEs till few years back using SAP Business One for regular Back Office Process and Accounting management fond out this approach to be quite ideal. But now-a-days, when the database size increased to Terabytes and SMEs are relying more and more towards getting real time analytics Reports and Dashboards, they find out that SQL Server is overwhelmed for such a requirement.

To resolve such a situation SAP has devised a plan long time back and released SAP Business One HANA  just for such purpose. It contains enhancements and additions meant for SME.

SAP Business One On HANA

Approaches for using HANA with SAP Business One

  1. Existing SAP Business One Customers can use SQL Server as their primary database, while HANA can be used with SAP Business One Analytics called as B1A which will enable them to get desirable speed and performance for reporting requirements such as Interactive Analysis, Crystal Dashboards and for Enterprise search.
  2. For new and upgrading customers of SAP Business One who desired unprecedented speed and performance within their SAP Business One environment can use SAP Business One version for SAP HANA. Like B1A, B1H provides superior performance as well as a host of new features.  While SAP continues to introduce new features for this more scalable platform, new features have already been introduced into B1H that are not available in SAP Business One running on Microsoft SQL Server and even some features are not available in B1.


Let’s look at specific features of HANA B1H which are not available in SQL Server environment or even in the hybrid approach of B1.

Real-time Inventory Check

B1H Introduces a new feature called Available to Promise Check, this shows an inventory transparency. Inventory is dynamically calculated, whether promised, on-demand or in-hand without Pre Calculation.

Delivery Schedule

Delivery manager can view open sales orders in a Dynamic Drag & Drop, it enables them to restructure quantities of Open Orders and planners can split quantities of an order.

Cash Flow

B1H provides a dynamics feature of Cash Flow Forecast which instantly updates Cash Flow based on certain criteria such as marketing documents or assured transactions.

Interactive Analysis

B1H using these same semantic layers within a Microsoft Excel / Pivot-based reporting solution.  Areas like:  Document/Inventory Aging, Cost Centers, Profit & Loss, Liquidity, Budgeting, Sales Opportunity, Sales Revenue and Inventory Turnover have pre-defined semantic layers.

Enterprise Search

New Enterprise search technology mimics that of the most popular search engines from the web, and provides a full 32-key text search.  Users can apply dynamic filters and drill-down, while still following to the data security policies designed by SAP B1 Implementation Partners.

Mobile Applications

Called as “Extreme Apps,” functions like the Enterprise Search, Pervasive Analytics, Cash Flow Forecast, Available to Promise and Delivery Scheduling have been added to the existing SAP Mobile App that is included in with every B1H license.

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