SAP Business One
for Retail

SAP Solution for Retail Industry

SAP Business One for Retail Industry is used by major retailers to manage their POS analytics and other retail activities. It is the most efficient way for SMBs to carry out end-to-end solutions by regulating financial and supply chain cycles.

The global retail industry has grown significantly in recent years, and it is now one of the major sectors of the economy. Osswal Infosystem Providing business flexibility is the major challenge faced by companies currently. Businesses must adopt multi-channel retail since relying on a single channel for marketing is insufficient for customers and shoppers who want to make purchases utilizing tablets and smartphones. Furthermore, buyers are evaluating product characteristics online before purchasing, which is a source of concern for conventional merchants.

SAP Business One Solution covers the following retail business functions:

Opportunity to Cash​

Assets Management​

Inventory Management​

Customer Relationship Management​

Business Partner Management​

Financing and Accounting : Profitability Optimization​

Marketing, Sales and Service Support​

E-commerce Management​

How SAP Business One Can Assist Your Retail Business:

  • Retailers may use the whole on-line and off-line trade capability to keep the system running smoothly.​

  • Streamline the ordering process, including selection, packaging, delivery, and shipping.​

  • Online Shopping - To remain competitive, stay online and trade with the fully integrated eCommerce business. To ease business processes, the eCommerce shop is connected with the back-office SAP Business One ERP function.​

  • SAP Business One for the Retail Industry provides inventory control and complete visibility across the retail chain to POS operators.​

  • Retailers can retain their customers by communicating with them using comprehensive CRM and by sending SMS notifications in addition to the email notifications that can be sent out from the application.​

  • To handle POS operations and stores, one may stay linked with the end-to-end solutions given for head office operations and retail administration.​

  • Predict demand by tracking previous purchases and orders from consumers, and expand your business by offering schemes and discounts.​

  • This solution enables the retailers to improve stock levels and make better decisions about pricing.​

  • SAP Business One for Retail Industry is easy to deploy and maintain.​

Advantages for the Retail Industry:

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