Utilize Today's Digital Technology and Redefine the Shopping Experience

SAP Business One for Retail industry is a comprehensive ERP solution that streamlines operations and boosts productivity, enabling retail businesses to grow.

Restoring the Retail Industry Using Tomorrow's Technology and Solutions

Consumers nowadays want highly customized, interactive experiences so they can connect with cutting-edge companies and spend whenever and wherever they desire. Utilize the finest aspects of the online and offline worlds to deliver users a remarkable experience. Enhance operational effectiveness, promote sales expansion, and remove manual and repetitive activities.

The global retail market has witnessed a notable expansion in recent years and is now one of the primary economic sectors. Businesses must adopt multi-channel retail since clients and shoppers who want to make purchases using tablets and smartphones can't be reached by depending solely on one channel for marketing. Additionally, consumers are researching product details online before purchasing, leaving concerns for traditional retailers.

The Following Retail Business Functions are featured in the SAP Business One Solution

A Comprehensive Approach to the Enactment of Multichannel Retailing

Some of the Factors in the Retail Sector to Watch Out

Continuous excellence has become a problem for retail firms due to accelerated technology adoption, rapid change, and innovation, besides the advent of new-age competitors and a challenging business climate.

o Determining the product's cost per unit.
o Tracking FEFO-based material use and expiry alerts.
o Keeping track of material waste, expiration, etc.
o Allowing tracking of materials.
o Maintaining the sampling procedure, costing, formulation, production, and quality standards.
o Maintaining BMR/BPR management and ensuring GMP compliance.
o Using tried-and-true enterprise solutions to reinvent retail.

The best ecosystem for faster and more flexible consumer experiences may be created through next-gen technology. With the help of real-time analytics, retail companies can enhance in-store operations, promote customer-focused merchandising, and streamline their supply chains.

Reinventing Retail with Trusted and Time-tested Enterprise Solutions

We provide a business suite of all-inclusive solutions for retail operations, integrating and tying them together on a single platform. We focus immensely on consumer products, channels, services, sourcing, talent, and data with our ERP, CRM, analytics, and cloud capabilities.

I. Integrated means of planning and designing retail routes

We help retailers find profitable growth in a dynamic yet challenging environment by providing the perfect technology, strategy, data, and level of agility. ERP for retail businesses can be used to manage the complexities of the retail chain, keep track of inventory levels, monitor daily transactions, and reduce the likelihood of a human mistake.

  • Keep a record of daily merchandising activities, such as order fulfillment, distribution, and purchasing.
  • Take control of customer returns and manage the procedure from beginning to end.
  • Use the serial number and batch tracking tools to locate items efficiently.
  • Track each purchase order action while keeping tabs on the entire purchasing procedure.

II. Delight customers throughout your value chain with our cloud retail solutions

Monitor your retail company from anywhere at any time. On any given day, get a detailed perspective of higher sales, reduced sales, lost sales, increased sales, excessive markdowns, sales history, weekly sales, or anything else.

  • Centralized management of data.
  • Real-time consumer insights.
  • Remote management of operations.
  • Mobile upgrades, updates, and alerts.
  • An integrated cash withdrawal method, barcode scanning, and printing.

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