Business Technology Platform (BTP)

Connectivity and enhanced capabilities: transforming your business with seamless integration of BTP with SAP Business One.



SAP Business Technology Platform provides robust integration capabilities, allowing you to seamlessly connect SAP Business One with other systems, applications, and data sources within your organization. This integration ensures data consistency and enables real-time insights across your business processes.

SAP Business Technology Platform offers tools and services for custom application development. You can leverage these capabilities to build tailored solutions that address specific business requirements or industry challenges within the SAP Business One environment. Whether it's enhancing reporting functionalities, automating workflows, or developing customer-facing applications, BTP provides the flexibility to extend the capabilities of B1 to suit your unique needs.

Features/Aspects of SAP Analytics Cloud


SAP Business Technology Platform enables users to leverage technologies such as SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Business Objects BI, SAP Crystal Solutions, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, and SAP BW/4HANA to do both basic and sophisticated analytics. Businesses can better customize their operations to suit demand and operate efficiently off a single source of truth with the data and patterns that are discovered—often in real time.

Application Development and Integration

The construction of unique applications and extensions for particular business needs, as well as the interaction with other SAP systems, are the main foci of application development and integration. Previously, this was referred to as SAP Cloud Platform.

Database and Data Management

With BTP, databases including SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE), SAP IQ, SAP HANA and SAP HANA Cloud, and SAP SQL Anywhere can be used in a variety of ways for data management tasks. Solution sets including SAP Data Intelligence, SAP Information Steward, SAP Data Quality Management, SAP PowerDesigner, SAP Information Lifecycle Management, SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server, SAP Data Services, and SAP Master Data Governance can be used to clean, manage, and model data.

Intelligent Technologies

A comprehensive range of intelligent technologies, such as SAP Conversational AI, SAP AI Business Services, SAP Edge Services, SAP Internet of Things, and Askdata, are offered to clients by SAP BTP. With these alternatives, staff can focus on other responsibilities by doing specialized, lower-level company services like tax assignment and collection automation. Chatbots can be created to help anyone in need of assistance. In addition to improving productivity, this automation can strengthen database and solution security.

Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement

Users can access any of the various services offered by BTP by using the cloud credits they receive through the Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement (CPEA). For those who need to use a variety of services but may not need to do so simultaneously, the CPEA model can be helpful.

SAP BTP Free Tier

There is a free tier available for those who want to test BTP, which gives them immediate access to a production environment. This is a great approach to start using SAP BTP to evaluate if it may benefit your company, even while there are restrictions on the services you can use (at the moment, over 30 services are accessible in the free tier) and the amount of capacity you can use. You can simply transfer your completed tasks to the premium option if you choose to begin paying for the site.

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