Wholesale & Distribution Industry

SAP Business One for Wholesale & Distribution is a comprehensive solution that streamlines operations, improves supply chain efficiency, and increases profitability.

We Can Help You Run Wholesale Distribution Business Better

With our SAP solutions for your wholesale distribution industry, exceed industry requirements and become a proactive data-driven distributor. By conducting digital transformation, promoting new business models, and providing tailored solutions to customers, SAP solutions help wholesale distributors increase revenue, lower expenses, and gain an advantage over the competition.

For your wholesale firm, SAP ERP automates procedures and lowers operating expenses. At numerous touchpoints across your order-to-cash process, it offers enormous advantages. To help you better understand the profit for each order, client, and SKU, we capitalize on SAP ERP's capabilities to link customer management, billing procedures, and sales orders. As a result, you will be able to make wiser judgments, which will boost your earnings and lower your expenses.

We Can Help You Run Wholesale Distribution Business Better

Supply Chain Planning

While supply chains become more complicated and expand around the globe, businesses must contend with fluctuating client demand and raised expectations for timeliness. We may distribute critical company data via the network, enhancing real-time data analysis and fostering improved departmental and corporate communication.

  • Response and Supply Planning
  • Demand Management and Insights
  • Sales, Inventory, and Operations Planning


Procurement professionals nowadays face a constant stream of complicated challenges. Despite unpredictable pricing in numerous supplier marketplaces, they must manage global supply risk, safeguard profitability, and bring new ideas to the company.

  • Cost Recovery and Rebates
  • Buy and Deliver Services
  • Supplier Collaboration
  • Indirect Goods Procurement
  • Procurement Analytics
  • Invoice and Payables Management
  • Supplier and Risk Management

Marketing and Sales

You can provide sales teams with the insights they need to increase productivity and sales success and make immediate, well-informed business choices with the help of an automated, mobile, cloud-based sales and customer relationship management solution.

  • Quote-to-Cash
  • Optimized Marketing
  • Commerce Personalization
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Sales Performance Management
  • Customer Rebates and Incentive Programs


Our SAP Distribution Software lets you provide service teams with the appropriate training and equipment at the right time. To boost efficiency and responsiveness, you can offer value-added services and give field workers and call center representatives more authority.

  • Buy and Deliver Services
  • Field Service Management
  • Value-Added Services
  • Subscription Management
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Omni channel Customer Service

Supply Chain Execution

Optimize your freight, shipping, and warehousing operations by obtaining the visibility required to make effective logistics and order fulfillment decisions. You can increase speed, efficiency, and sustainability by coordinating distribution and fulfillment operations using SAP solutions.

  • Order Promising
  • Yard Logistics
  • Transportation Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Track and Trace Logistics Networks

Challenges Faced by Wholesale Distributors

For organizations to compete in a modern economy, fresh approaches to business and services are necessary.

The wholesale distribution sector has to cope with many difficulties, including consolidation, third-party logistic providers, and a drop in profit. They effectively manage their firm while always seeking lucrative expansion.

Most modern firms use a variety of systems that need to be interfaced. As a result, it is expensive and time-consuming to introduce new product portfolios, integrate recent acquisitions, increase the number of value-added services, and carry out routine but essential tasks like closing the books.

Osswal positions the ERP business suite and its best practices for your wholesale distribution company to satisfy requirements and grow in the industry area accordingly. Wholesale distributors can benefit from SAP's simplified digital transformation, support for new business models, and customer-specific services to increase revenue, cut expenses, and differentiate their company.

Market Trends Affecting Wholesale Distribution Business

Increase in Revenue – Wholesale distributors must boost their profits by optimizing their pricing and lowering the day's outstanding transactions. To further develop inventory and increase the availability of items, they must collaborate closely with partners and sellers.

Decrease in Goods Cost – Wholesale distributors must take advantage of order maximizing chances to increase visibility and revenue gains. Additionally, the efficient management of chargeback and rebates-outstanding operations would significantly increase overall profitability.

Reduced Operating Expenses – Wholesalers must concentrate on strengthening their accounting and purchasing processes, as well as their business intelligence and transparency. To decrease inventory, they need to focus on enhancing their material management.

Go beyond the confines of the norm and develop into an Innovative, Insight-driven Distributor.

Use an integrated management style that focuses on your customers and people to provide essential knowledge and business procedures that will allow you to endure change.

Ensure wholesale distribution profitability

Discover new opportunities for continuous improvement by leveraging an integrated, solid foundation of technology and best practices.

Marketplaces are the next horizons for businesses

Recognize the need for wholesale distributors to switch from conventional commerce to a more contemporary strategy by adopting a marketplace business model.

New business concepts and services are required to compete in a new economy

Wholesale distributors can benefit from SAP's simplified digital transformation, support for new business models, and customer-specific services to increase revenue, cut expenses, and differentiate their company.

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