SAP Business One Production and MRP

Expert SAP Business One Production and MRP System Just the right balance between automation and hands-on control for small and midsize businesses.

Easy Production Process Management with SAP B1

SAP Business One is a comprehensive and adaptable software system for managing critical processes in small and medium-sized enterprises, such as accounting and finance, sales and service, inventory and distribution, and purchasing and operations.

According to research, 96% of best-in-class developing organizations have deployed an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. These solutions offer a single business system to promote visibility, efficiency, and decision-making while assisting enterprises of all sizes in addressing their difficulties. ERP is a crucial corporate tool for making your life easier.

Based on the current status of the system's transactions, Material Requirement Planning (MRP) generates recommendations for purchase and production orders. While MRP does not automatically place orders, it makes recommendations in its capacity as an expert. Considering all factors at that specific time, it estimates how much should be produced for manufacturing items and how much should be purchased for purchase items at any given time. By doing this, you can automatically create production and purchase orders based on the Order Recommendation Report.

SAP Business One Production and MRP Solution Features

Supports all types of manufacturing

Focus on manufacturing efficiency

Optimize inventory management

Streamline production and planning

Meet regulatory mandates

MRP wizard



SAP Business One MRP Benefits

Reduce errors

Employing a more structured method that enables more people to participate while using better information, SAP Business One MRP replaces informal, ad hoc, error-prone production scheduling based on the intuition of people.

Focus on strategic management

Instead of fretting over inventory accuracy, procurement managers may concentrate on strategic procurement.

Bill of Materials (BoM)

Line items can be grouped according to the process flow. Add/remove lines as a mass update option for BoMs. Process-oriented BoM structure and simple BoM maintenance.

Reduce direct costs

SAP Business One MRP lowers costs by accounting for both minimum order numbers and order multiples while also assisting users in taking advantage of purchase pricing quantity breaks or typical production batch sizes.

Reduce stock levels

Reduce safety stock and multiple POs from different warehouses or purchasing managers for the same item.

Production Process

Editing production orders is a possibility to meet the manufacturing process flow. Option to include extra quantities for the setup of the production process.

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