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Manage production operations in SAP B1 using the Resource Module and Production Functions.

The SAP Business One Project & Resource Management module centralizes all project-related transactions, documents, resources, and activities and oversees projects from beginning to end. The tool makes it easier for you to keep track of the project's progress reports on numerous fronts, including stage analysis, unresolved problems, and resources.

Project Management

Project Time Reporting

Resource Master Data

Project Stages

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Resource Capacity Planning

Stage Dependencies

Employee Master Data

Sub-projects Handling

Time Sheet Entries

SAP Business One Project Management Functions and Features

Unquestionably, the SAP Business One project and resource management module is one of the significant improvements. Companies that are project- and service-based will make extensive use of this new feature.

Let's explore the features that are offered:

Job budgets– set a budget for the project. Control the project’s budget compared to actual spending.

Sub jobs– create and monitor sub jobs with ease.

Job Stages – address the different phases of the task. Starting and closing times for every step, assignments related to each stage, projected costs, actuals, intended effort percentage, task assignment to staff, and co-dependencies.

Timesheets– utilize the timesheet feature to process time for the project.

Purchase orders relevant to the job– track your purchase order commitments against the job using SAP Business One’s standard purchase order capability. Make sure that purchase orders are approved and signed before being submitted to the supplier using authorizations and approval processes.

Invoicing – create AR invoices against the job.

AP invoices– you have the option to create AP (account payable) invoices from an open purchase order or directly from the AP invoice stage without finishing the PO stage.

Job reporting– review stage analysis, open issues, and resources from the job reporting.

Job/project documentation– scan and attach project documentation to the relevant job.

Job activities and notes– keep assignments, meetings, follow-ups, and notes connected to specific projects. Assign tasks to users or staff members of SAP Business One for follow-up.

Project to-do lists– create project to-do lists.

Go mobile– use the SAP Business One web client to go mobile. Get the project information as and when you needed.

Anticipate the Following Business Advantages with the Adoption of the Project Management Module

SAP Business One is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) program created specifically for SMEs to make businesses more efficient and productive.

    • Regardless of how extensive a project may be, you can use SAP Business One to centrally manage its associated activities, transactions, documents, and resources.
    • Greater project transparency of each activity and stage, better planning and management of projects and resources due to a more comprehensive overview and detailed information related to each project.
    • Quicker and better cost management and comprehension of expenses associated with each project task.
    • More precise estimation of planned project expenses as well as a comparison between actual task costs incurred and projected task costs.
  • The billing document production wizard simplified the billing procedure.

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