SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Finance

Accounting and Finance with Cloud ERP

In a competitive, global market, everything needs to be flawlessly coordinated for dynamism. Run sophisticated, highly automated financial processes that link transactions, analytics, and planning with SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Finance. These procedures encompass everything from accounting and cost management to enterprise risk and compliance.

Accounting & Finance Closure

Execute company Accounting and Financial closure procedures that are effective and highly automated, from reconciliation and reporting to IFRS and local legal compliance. It can help you with:


Financial Operations

To decrease the number of unpaid sales, bad debt write-offs, and expenses for the day and to more quickly adjust to shifting market dynamics, increase the flexibility and efficiency of your financial operations. Our cloud-based ERP program includes the following features:

S/4HANA Financial Framework

SAP S/4 HANA Finance, is built on the in-memory database platform SAP HANA.

In-memory databases allow for speedier queries and may analyze more data quickly by storing it in the computer's main memory rather than on discs, in contrast to traditional databases, which are frequently used as the data repository for an ERP system. S/4HANA unites cross-organizational functions like accounting and procurement into a unified system that combines records of business transactions with analytics and employs HANA as its core technology.

The Universal Journal is undoubtedly the most distinctive aspect of the S/4HANA financial architecture. A single data table in an S4/HANA system essentially houses all financial data. Older ERP systems often had many general ledgers, each having a predetermined number of unchangeable fields. The Universal Journal, on the other hand, centralizes ledger data into a single chart of accounts, facilitating the integration of disparate ERP systems. The number of records is infinite, and the fields are modifiable.

Why Osswal Infosystem for SAP S/4 HANA?

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Cost Management & Profitability Analysis

Drive profits with robust features for product costing, overhead cost control, and profitability analysis. Accurately assess the profitability of markets, channels, products, and segments by gathering, allocating, and analyzing expenses by the project, order, cost center, or business process.

  • Simplifying the overhead allocation process with an integrated journal for cost centers, profit centers, and margin analysis.
  • Respond to actual and anticipated costs of manufacturing, work-in-progress, scrap, and settlements.
  • Support decisions made in context using ad hoc reporting and embedded multi-dimensional data analysis.
  • Get real-time access to comprehensive and reliable information.

Enterprise Risk & Compliance

To comply with regulations, particularly those about import and export, free trade agreements, electronic documents, and statutory reporting, manage compliance, risks, and controls in business operations. With cloud ERP features for managing global taxes and international trade, you can:

  • Produce digital business documents under local laws.
  • Prepare statutory reports on an as-needed basis to satisfy local regulations.
  • Commodity codes, customer tariff numbers, intrastate service codes, and legal control attributes should all be classified and reclassified.
  • Check and clear all obstructed trade compliance documents in bulk.

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