digital transformation

What is Digital Transformation?

Digitalization is the conversion of analog (paper-based processes) into business processes that leverage cloud technology innovation.

Digital Transformation is the use of new, fast and frequently changing digital technology to solve problems. It is the driving force of modern businesses. It encourages paperless transactions, informed decisions and real-time working.

Technologies such as Block chain, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud, etc. are all contributing to the digital transformation process. These are the services that enable Industry 4.0 and encourage real-time, error-free and streamlined work.

Transformative technologies are drastically changing the way businesses interact, innovate and gain valuable insights. They give organizations the agility to sustain and embrace state-of-the-art technologies which can drive innovation.

The January 2020 survey, “Streamlining Financial Processes in the Cloud,” found that almost 60% of finance professional survey respondents identified manual processes as their top pain point, and view ERP as the most relevant infrastructure for managing and automating financial processes.

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