Why ERP?

An ERP software helps your business ensure numerous benefits, the first being automation. Check out the other advantages, apart from it, below:

  1. Streamlined processes: An ERP system integrates all the processes across departments from beginning to end and meets the specific needs of each individual business.

2. Improved productivity & efficiency: An ERP system saves time and resources by automating manual business tasks and processes to promote productivity and improve efficiency. 82 percent* companies that implemented an ERP solution improved either key or all business processes post implementation.

3. Enhanced business visibility: With the integration of all the business processes, ERP gives management comprehensive and real-time visibility into performance of each department and access to key business data.

4. Quality analysis & reporting: An ERP software allows business managers to use interconnected dashboards to quickly analyze & report, thus facilitating informed and accurate decision making.

5. Reduced costs & risks: Uniform and streamlined business processes reduce the operational and management costs while improved data integrity and financial control reduce risks.

6. Industry & regulatory compliance: An ERP solution facilitates control over reporting processes and thus ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, meeting data integrity and enabling complete traceability, thereby keeping away hefty fines and image damage.

Studies reveal that 54 percent of the organizations that got the ERP implementation done were very satisfied with the overall ERP vendor experience. Further, 57 percent of the companies who got the ERP implementation done viewed it as a success. This should give you a clear picture as to how beneficial ERP is to the success of businesses.

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