May 2024

Power Bi

Today, healthcare companies generate and store more data than ever before! These include electronic medical records, lab reports, financial metrics, pharmacy reports, and other documents. However, despite the large amount of data available, they provide little useful information. Using a healthcare dashboard in Power BI is a complete game changer! It makes it easy to […]

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SAP ERP Core Component (SAP ECC) is a popular on-premises ERP program that many big and mid-sized businesses use to manage almost all of their operations, logistics, and business processes. Organizations now face a migration issue as SAP S/4 HANA, which runs on-premises and in the cloud, is positioned to become SAP’s main ERP software. What

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An organization’s ability to successfully manage risks is a significant factor in determining its success in today’s quickly changing business landscape. Business intelligence (BI) has become a valuable instrument that firms may use to detect and proactively reduce possible risks. Business intelligence is a strategic asset for risk management, not just a tool for producing

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